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Helping you love where you live, work, and play.
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"Pam's design made all the difference in the charm and use of our remodel. It kept us happily in a house we were thinking about selling."
"Pam worked with us conceptualizing the space, defining the aesthetic, selecting the furnishings and accent pieces and art. She was exceptional at each stage."
"Pam has been my designer on three projects – my home, my vacation property, and my business.  I never want to work with anyone else.  She had a great sense of how to use and optimize space but in a way that is beautiful aesthetically. She understands both how to rework an interior and to completely create a fabulous new room.  She is fast, efficient and an absolute pleasure to work with.  I recommend her to everyone."
"Pam's execution and choices were superb and her calm and humor made the whole experience pleasant from beginning to end."
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